Weaker in my left arm and leg and there have been more stiffness in my left had, not to mention all kinds of weird aches. Now i am not sure if it has been my pons bleed that caused all these symptoms as the original ct scan also indicated bleeds in 2 other areas, one being in my right temporal lobe where a 1 cm lesion is located. Since then it has showed slight growth and bleeding so perhaps that temporal lobe lesion is more the guilty party rather then my pons ca. No real way of telling. I also have left eye aches, still have some double vision in my right field of view, but again i have a right occipital lesion that has shown signs of growth and recent bleeding that may be causing these symptoms. order viagra online So yes you are not alone. I would suggest you sent your mri films to a top neurosurgeon, like dr. Spetzler, dr. viagra pills Steinberg or others to get some more opinions. Its always good to know that all are on the same page when it comes to your options. viagra 0 5 Again welcome to the group, continue to ask questions, when you have them. Henk angioma alliance canada: diagnosed in jan. 2010 with multiple ccm's. buy generic viagra 100mg Bleed in pons in january. viagra vision color Diagnosed with ccm1 mutation. April 2011: increase in size & recent internal bleeding in right occipital and right temporal lobe lesions. My first article in the local news paper : vandy   posts: 533 joined: thu sep 30, 2010 10:02 pm location: ontario, canada e-mail vandy website top re: cavernous hemangioma by andy pierce » mon jun 25, 2012 11:52 am thank you both for your comments. I am interested in sending my film to these other doctors. I have the address for dr. Spetzier but not for dr. viagra generic Steinburg. Are they both at the barrow institute? Do i call their office first? So many questions..... cheap viagra Thank you for your help. generic viagra Andy pierce   posts: 2 joined: mon apr 16, 2012 12:30 am e-mail andy pierce top re: cavernous hemangioma by vandy » mon jun 25, 2012 11:56 am hi andy, dr. buy cheap viagra Steinburg is not at the barrow institute. Patti sees him, and she will post his address info here shortly. Just mail in the films. There is i believe a $100 fee for us citizens at barrows. generic viagra kaufen Don't know about dr. generic viagra kaufen Steinburg. Dr. Spetzler will have a resident call you with his diagnosis and treatmen.


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