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Cavernous malformations, venous malformations, and capillary telangiectasias signup | login home presentations categories channels community   download presentation comments added: 25-05-2012 rate presentation: views: 26 add to favorites     feature this! do you take viagra daily     innappropiate please login to flag this presentation! order viagra Your inappropriate request is sent successfully! Failed to send your inappropiate request! Please login to send a feature request! Your feature quest has been sent successfuly! viagra tablets order online Error while send your feature request! Favorited successfully! Favorite failed! Already added! Login to add! Cannot favorite your own presentation! where can i buy viagra in mexico Description: channels tags congestion   inferior cerebral vein   ophthalmic vein   vena ophthalmica   venae cerebrum inferior   venule   vein   cerebral arteriovenous malformation   venation   artery   venous blood system   venosity   lymphatic system   blood vessel   episcleral veins       cavernous malformations, venous malformations, and capillary... - transcript cavernous malformations, venous malformations, and capillary... - transcript 1. Cavernous malformations, venous malformations, and capillary telangiectasias richard e. Clatterbuck, m. D. , ph. D. 3. Cavernous malformations abnormal vascular channels lined by endothelial cells (cells that line all blood vessels) but lacking other components of typical blood vessel walls have been described as having an appearance similar to mulberries 4. buy viagra Aka cavernous angioma cavernous hemangioma cerebral angioma cavernoma cavmals ccms (cerebral cavernous malformations) 8. Radiographic appearance classically described as a “popcorn” lesion with a reticulated appearance on mri scans 12. Epidemiology occur in 0. viagra price reviews 5% of the population (1 in 200 people) and may represent 10% of vascular malformations perhaps slightly more prevalent in females, 1. 8:1 in our series 13. Presentation mean age 34. 6 years (7. 8-78. 5) average of 3. 4 lesions per patient, solitary in 63% and multiple in 25% 19% had venous malformations 4% had capillary telangiectasias headache (65%), seizures (49%), focal deficits (46%), hemorrhage (13%), asymptomatic (1. 5%) 14. Hemorrhage rates 3. 1% per patient year hemorrhage rate 0. 9% in males 4. 2% in females no difference in lesions in the cerebrum or brainstem 15. Seizure rates 4. viagra coupon 8% per patient year 2. 4% new onset seizure rate per patient year 5. 5% recurrent seizure rate per patient year 16. Venous malformation persistence of a developmentally expressed venous drainage pattern classically described as a caput medusae appearance 17. cheap viagra on line overnight Aka developmental venous anomaly (dva) venous anomaly venous angioma venous malformation 20. Presentation mean age 39. 1 years (18. 7-73) 19% had another cerebrovascular malformations headache (50. much viagra pills 8%), seizures (30. 2%) 21. Hemorrhage rate 0. viagra price reviews 15% per lesion year 22. Capillary telangiectasia normal capillary structurally at. viagra samples viagra loss of vision Contact