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Skip to main page content home current archive collections 中国 (abstracts) radiology select radiographics rsna. Org search go advanced search user name password sign in herniation of the splenic flexure of the colon behind the spleen lester w. viagra cost Paul , m. viagra de bayard D. buy viagra online from australia , associate professor of radiology and john b. buy viagra without prescription Mcaneny , m. viagra de bayard D. 2 senior resident in radiology, university of wisconsin medical school, madison, wisconsin ↵ 2 present address, johnstown, penna. Excerpt internal abdominal hernia is an uncommon condition, the nature of which often is not recognized before surgical intervention. This subject has been reviewed by moynihan and dobson (6), in 1906, by short (7), in 1925, and recently by hansmann and morton (3). doctor prescription for viagra The last mentioned authors have tabulated the articles on internal hernia appearing since moynihan and dobson's summary. The total number of recorded cases as listed by them is 467. The abdominal fossa-commonly involved and the relative frequency of herniation at the various sites may be obtained from table i. buy viagra canada According to this compilation, herniation into the left paraduodenal fossa is the most common. For some locations only a few cases have been reported. can get viagra prescription online The presence of an intra-abdominal hernia may produce a confusing picture on roentgenologic examination of the intestinal tract because of the anomalous position of the intestinal viscera. Less difficulty is encountered when only the small intestine is involved. The barium-filled loops of small bowel tend to be collected in a compact mass and the actual entrance and exit of the loops of bowel into the hernial sac may be demonstrated (2). When obstruction of severe grade is present, the diagnostic difficulties are increased (3). generic viagra online The following case is reported because it represents a type of internal hernia which has not been previously described, according to a search of the available literature, and because the roentgen diagnostic signs appear to be quite pathognomonic. Case report (x-ray no. A006374). —the patient, white male, aged 51 years, was admitted to the state of wisconsin general hospital on dec. 6, 1938. He stated that for 25 years he had been unable to lie on his left side without suffering sharp, cramplike pains in the left side of the abdomen. long does one viagra pill last This had increased in severity during the past six years. viagra canada online The pain would be relieved by lying on the right side. viagra pills He had been more or less constipated as long as he could remember and had used cathartics for the past 30 years. General physical examination gave essentially negative results. Routine laboratory studies were within normal limits. Roentgen examination of the gastrointestinal tract following a barium meal revealed a gas-distended loop of bowel, the splenic flexure of the colon, occupying the left upper quadrant of the abdomen (fig. 1). An ovoid soft-tissue mass which was considered to be the spleen could be seen lying jus. viagra de bayard